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Earlier this week on our podcast, Speak Geek, we discussed creating a tech foundation for your business, why it’s important and what tools you can check out to get a head start on becoming better with your productivity

For most solopreneurs, we tend to try to do it all, because more than likely we have no other choice. But it’s important to delegate tasks to another person and if you dont have another person, you can use another tool. 

When starting out a business and watching other people run their businesses, it can become very easy to get caught up in all the tools and applications you should use for your business. It’s almost like a person going natural for the first time and buying all the natural hair products they can get their hands on. When it comes to running a business if we see something working for someone else, we’re more than likely willing to try it to. A few problems you can run into are:

Costs: Trying new solutions to get things done easier and forgetting that the 14 day trial is ending soon. If you consistently try new tools without sticking to one, you will end up with not only a lot of platforms but also a lot of bills to pay.

Syncronization: Trying to where everything is is not only very time consuming to piece it all together but will also hurt you in the end when you need everything to be at the right place quickly. 

Upkeep: Along with syncing everything together, updating your applications can also be time consuming, making sure everything is up to date is exhausting and soon you will give up on it. Trust me. I have files in Evernote that has been collecting dust since 2015. 

Managing or Settling with what’s free: I understand the need to go free. When you go free on a lot of tools, you are choosing the option to become limited. And when you are limited you will spend more time search for new things that will fill in the gap. Or you create several accounts to keep the freebies going.

Categories to Consider:

CRM: Customer Relations Management

This helps you keep track of your clients, their contact information, their needs and all the important data that will help you later when you’re revising your KPIs and when you’re marketing new campaigns.

Recommended Tools Include:

Hootsuite CRMThe free version is very limited. But allows you to have a dashboard of all of your customers information

Zoho: is a paid service, but does offer a free trial. Along with keeping your clients data, you can also send emails and track customers behavior to help guide your marketing strategy.

CMS: Content Management System

This is where you are keeping the content for your website and internal applications. For large enterprise organizations you can use platforms like Sharepoint or Salesforce to share content within a team, create documents, presentations and way more. For smaller businesses, a lot of people start off with WordPress and Squarespace. Soon you will have to utilize a tool that does more.

Recommended Tools Include:

Google: Not the Normal “Google it” google, but Google Sites, you can add content from your google drive onto your website. Google Sites is not the greatest but you cant take full advantage of their drive, google keep and slides. 

WordPress: with the plugins, wordpress alone may not be enough but with the right plugins and theme, you can take full advantage of wordpress capabilities.

Squarespace: Squarespace is in this list because it’s beautiful and easy to work with. They have a good selection of themes are you can also go into developer mode to align the site to your branding.

Drupal and Joomla: are similar to WordPress but has more customization. If you are a visual learner. Take your time with this one, stick with wordpress or find someone to help guide you through the basics. 

Scheduling: Scheduling your Activities and Scheduling for your Client Consultations

This is a life saver if you’re extremely forgetful, like I am.

Recommended Tools Include:

Acuity: With Acuity you can charge for consultations. You get notifications whenever sone

Calendy: Is simple to use and you can get meetings scheduled right away. 


Content Curation: How you’re managing your content, editing and distributing them

Social media is hard and it’s even more hard to CONSISTENTLY put out content. An easier way to share content is by scheduling it ahead of time. 

Recommended Tools Include:


Edgar, Buffer, and Hootesuite: Both allows you to schedule your social media posts to many platforms at the same time. Everything from the standand facebook posts, to pinterest an LinkedIn. The free versions are helpful but limited if you’re doing a ton of posting on many platforms. The biggest key to social media is being consistent, so once you use then make sure your scheduled posts stay full

Planoly: works for instagram and allows you to see the big picture of what you’re posting for your campaigns. The great part of using this tool is that you can upload content from your desktop and have the app on your phone to directly post content onto instagram.






Project Management: How you manage your business projects and your clients projects

Whether it’s your own projects under your own business or your client’s projects, it’s good to have a single place to keep track of it all. Instead of your notebooks. Trust me, I’ve been there. Also pulling your notes, goals and milestones from your notebook to a computer helps you clarify questions you may have, add extra details that you may have missed and prioritize how you will get the work done.

Recommended Tools Include:

Trello and Asana: These tools allow you to upload tasks, assign them to team members and create deadlines for tasks. 

More Tools Include:

  • Basecamp
  • Jira
  • Scoro
  • Notion




Marketing Automation: Your Ads, Emails and Campaigns

Automation is Bae. Yep, I said it. Once you have your automation set, life gets easier. Emails, messages, social media. If you don’t have a team, automation can be your team. 

Recommended Tools Include:

Mailchimp: Auto send emails as subscribers sign up for your newsletter and more



Google Analytics



Infusion Soft





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