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Meet Brandy, Brandy is a Lifestyle Mom blogger from the midwest, helping Moms navigate beauty after babies.

She’s the founder of Brown Beauty Mom.

Brown Beauty Mom is a lifestyle blog guide for moms if color. Supporting and uplifting women of color in a world that does appreciate their aesthetic. BBM is a PR-friendly blog that is all about lifestyle, beauty and the celebration of motherhood in beautiful brown colors.

Read her story as she talks about her passion and challenges.

What is your passion/dream for your work/business?

My passion is beauty and helping other moms thrive while finding their normalcy. 

How did you stumble upon this passion?

I stumbled upon this passion while doing makeup for myself. I had no idea there was a such thing as a makeup artist. One of my sorority sisters did a 1:1 counseling session with me and that’s how I knew I could make a living doing makeup and skincare. 

As a mompreneur, what challenges do you or have you faced that you feel have slowed your progress or hold you back currently in your business?

As a momprenuer, the challenges I face is balance and finding time. I work a demanding 9-5, I perform Esthetician services on the weekends, I’m a mom to a 2 year old, and a significant other. Plus I have to find time for myself. So on my lunch break I write posts and emails for pitches. On my travel to and from work I work on my social media posts. 

What other blockers did you face when pursuing your passion outside of being a mom?

One of my blockers was my significant other. He didn’t realize or understand how important this was to me, until we had an important sit down about my dreams, goals, and passions. 

How does fear of failure/success factor into your progress towards living out your mission?

I am afraid of failure, but I refuse to give up. One of the reasons I started BBM was that my son was watching me and all that I do. I can’t tell him he can do anything, while I’m not doing my part. 

How do you see the social media factor into your progress? 

The social media aspect has played a big factor in my success. I have found my online tribe of ladies while using social media. My reach wouldn’t go far without it. 

What is your advice for other mompreneurs?

My advice for momprenuers, is to find out what works for you. Also, share your truths. You never know who’s listening and how your truth could bless someone else. 


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