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Today we get the chance to connect with mom, Ari Krzyzek, Creative Director and Chief Designer of Chykalophia, and founder of Creative Women’s Co, as she talks about her journey of balancing it all.

1. What is your passion/dream for your work/business?

I love the design/creative industry, I have been a designer since 2009 and I enjoy creating brand/design solutions for my clients. I’m also passionate about uplifting other creative women in my network and mentoring girls who want to dive in the creative industry.

2. How has your passion translated into your mission for your work/business

When I decided to study design I knew that I wanted to help people translate their message and ideas into a beautiful design. Being a designer, my mind always in design mode, so whatever I see around me or any other visual design that I see my design brain will start questioning it or praising it. I use it at my day-to-day work as well when working on my client’s project from branding, graphic design, and web/mobile design.

3. As a mompreneur what challenges do you or have you faced that you feel have slowed your progress or hold you back currently in your business?

It took me a while to realize the value that I bring to my client’s projects and knowing my worth. My partner/husband has been a great push and support for me to really understand how to value my time and skills in my business now.


4. How does fear of failure/success factor into your progress towards living out your mission?

The fear of failure has been there since the first day I decided going freelance. It still exists today as well while I’m growing the company with my partner. But to be able to have a balance between the fear of failure and a passion for moving forward had helped me to not become fearless but become brave in taking any risk.

5. How do you see the tech/digital environment factor into your progress? Or have you thought about how it could serve you in your business?

I started my business when I was living in Bali in 2009 while having the majority of my clients the US and Europe. Tech and digital environment is the big part of our business as a lot of our recent and upcoming offerings will mainly be a digital services.

To Connect More with Ari you can reach out to her on

Instagram: chykalophia

Facebook: chykalophia

Email: info@chykalophia