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So What Happened?

Youtube Created a new program where anyone from anywhere can upload content and monetize that content to create a stream of income. 

What went wrong?

People took advantage and started to upload content that wasn’t exactly theirs. Stole creators popular content uploaded it to their own channel, got views, monetized their videos and essentially made money from other people’s work. 

What why 10,000?

“From now on, creators won’t be able to turn on monetization until they hit 10,000 lifetime views on their channel.”

The 10.000 views give YouTube the change to do research to make sure you’re legit.

So if you’re legit with minimal views what can you do about it? 

Currently GeekMomsCo’s YouTube channel on April 7th, 2017 has 

2,474 Views with 111 videos

We upload on an average of 1 video per month.  As as I look at the data for our videos, most of them are still monetized and the options to click monetize has not been taken away……yet.

Here’s what we’re doing.

1. Produce more content more frequently. We have new series one for moms, one for the kids and one to document our journey as a company. There are plenty more ideas in the works but you have to plan the content you lay out there and ensure that it represents your brand. 

2. Look more well…..legit. Better titles, tags and thumbnails for existing content. (Look at image above and see how random out content is). This helps views and gives a better insight of what your audience is watching. This will take time…..I’ve been putting it off but now it affects revenue. So we gotta get it done. 

3. Collaborating. Our Mission Statement Series for Moms will be our biggest collaborative effort. We are putting others in the spotlight, which is one of our goals for GeekMomsCo. More spotlights, more eyes on what we’re doing, which leads to more views. 

YouTube themselves also gives tips on how to grow your audience, which includes having a better descriptions for videos and creating playlists.

When did this change take effect?

Well, it happened yesterday. April 6th, 2017




What’s your game plan? Is it similar? Completely Opposite? What would you improve on or do differently? Please share your thoughts on this situation. 

For more info on the change in YouTube’s policy