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First You Need To Have an Instagram Business Account

  • A Business Account gives you insights to who’s viewing your page when they are viewing your page and what posts are creating the most impressions.
  • You can directly share your post on your facebook business page instead of your personal profile page
  • You can promote the post, run them and track engagement. Instagram also tracks which posts are getting the most engagement and offer the option to promote them to a wider audience to view.

Define the story you want to tell your brand

Branding, Business Branding, Personal branding……..big buzzwords for 2017 but essentially it boils down to….

  • How you come across to your market. A great example is when someone asked “Right now if they were to look at my facebook page, my Instagram page, and my Twitter, would they be able to tell what product or service I am selling? ” 
  • What message you are giving your audience. Personally, what I want to do is to literally walk up to every creator, artist or mompreneur who is thinking about starting a project or business but is overwhelmed by tech tasks or creating content to “Keep Going and Let Us Help You” My message is a message of encouragement, motivation, and support. Look at your favorite pages and see if you can get a clear message of what they are trying to tell you. You should be able to do the same for your audience



Use Hashtags, some original hashtags and some that bring your target market to your content

Before you begin to use every hashtag under the sun, first, have a solid understanding of how hashtags work. 

If an Instagram user is searching for a product for their natural 4c curly hair and they are looking for some hair inspiration, one outlet to look for is definitely Instagram.

If that user isn’t following that many natural hair care gurus online, then the best way to search for some is by…..searching. Instagram searches for 3 main things, users, locations, and hashtags. Unless you know these gurus by name or awkwardly enough know where they live, your best bet is to search by hashtag. #naturalhair #4chair #4c #naturalhairproducts 

If you’re not using these hashtags and you are selling hair products, no one will ever see your product, except for your followers. 

Use unique hashtags so if someone likes your brand and they search for it, all of your work can appear in one place which is convenient for everyone. 

The number 30 is apparently the magic number which I learned about 2 days ago. . . and it works, you get likes and if your stuff looks good, you may get a ton of likes. 


I found most of these tips on the Instagram blog, which is my final piece of advice……..

Look into the company instead of looking at the platform itself. Instagram and facebook have blogs, videos, and programs that help its users to be better at using their platforms. Subscribe to the blog, view the videos, and take a class or two and see where it leads. More than likely you will find something new…. I did. 

Instagram For Businesses

Until Next Time,

Keep Moving Forward. Keep Dreaming Bigger. Live Freely