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No matter what situation you’re in, there will be some times where you will find yourself in a pinch. When we’re broke sometime we go to desperate measures to find fast ways to make more money and there are people out there prepared for you to come to them and learn how to make this money only if you pay them. 

Before you pay to make more, think about how you can spend less. Because I have been broke more times than expected. And also I am not an expert on money, I am far from it, I am an expert on being broke.

I won’t dig deep into budgets and percentages and number because I hate doing it. But the first thing you need to ask yourself and be honest with is where are you spending the most money?

For myself, outside of rent, I spend the MOST money on food. 


Treasure Island (there’s no grocery store in my neighborhood)

Walgreens (On my way home from work, I literally grab what’s convenient)

I very rarely plan what I buy for a week at a time or a month ahead of time. It’s always a day by day basis of what food is needed at home. And with kids, food disappears all the time. Because of my actions, I’m always broke. 

The Pre-Reqs for this list is to Swallow Your Pride. I’m not about to suggest things like “Eat Ice Cube Sandwiches” but some people have their ways, and these are just suggestions. More importantly this is to help each other, which means give me more suggestions. 

So here are some ways you can save on food

1. Stretch Your Food. I do this a lot with cheaper juices because they have a ton of sugar. And I divide the juice in half and add water. Yes….it’s cheap. Yes I sound like your grandma. Grandma was right. This works for sauces (some people fought me on this but kids can’t tell the difference, as an adult you may need to work something out) and dish soap, my best friend hates when I do this. But when you’re in a pinch, stretch.

2. Stop going to expensive stores…..take a trip to Aldi’s, Save-A-Lot, Food For Less, etc. 

For this, I used to be paranoid for the type of meat I buy and veggies being authentic. I blame the articles I used to read talking about fake foods coming out of labs.  But if you stick with certain brands for food you should be good going to a “cheaper store” and if you’re that broke go off brand, who’s going to notice. 

3. Canned foods and frozen foods. I hated compromising on fresh foods. I watched endless documentaries of where food comes from and it pains me to regress on my progress on food but in a pinch, pull out the cans. 

4. If needed, go to the pantry. I’ve been here many times. And sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. You will be relieved afterwards, the guilt of having to go doesn’t last long. And you have no where to go but up from here.




Ways you can save on Monthly Expenses

1.  If you have cable drop it immediately and use a Roku Stick or Google Chromecast. If you have Neflix and Hulu, it’s time to make a decision and choose one. I spend $10 on internet, $8 on tv…….$18 per month for at home entertainment. YouTube and parental blocking on devices is saving me at the moment.

2. Look at your bank statement and see who’s charging you. I look at my bank every way. Most of the time it my praying that my check came early but also to make sure I’m not in the negative. Once, I looked at my bank account, I saw that 2 different people were charging me to check my credit score, which by the way dropped 76 points, thanks Transunion, LLC whoever you are.  Point is check your accounts regularly.

3. Using the example above, with the credit score services, I started using it because the trial period was free. And guess what I did, take a guess. I FORGOT TO CANCEL IT!  Even if you need it for a day, if you are on a trial and they collected your credit card or debit card information, then you need to cancel it BEFORE the trial is over! I have been burned plenty of times because of this. PLENTY. Numerous. I hate free trials! 

Ugh! Okay I’m back. 

4. Your actual membership services, Amazon Prime (Guilty), Some random community group on facebook (Guilty), A gym you were suppose to start last November (Guilty) Time to let go and let God. 

5. The guilty pleasure you keep holding on to but can’t let go of. Me. . . buying domains, CMS subscriptions and hosting. Even typing about it, brings anxiety but it has to be done. GeekMomsCo will stay but TheCalmOnes, may slowly go away. will slowly go away. For the domains, I let them die a slow death, but the CMS and Hosting I will be letting go of this year. This month. Especially because SquareSpace doesn’t allow group discounts…..and they’re plans in the works for our hosting, but you have to stay tuned for that. I’m also hosting client sites and for our support services we manage hosting. and SquareSpace charges $12 to $16 per site, sooooooo……..yea. I may lose my circle membership but meh, I’l live. 

It’s time to admit to yourself of what you’re true guilty pleasure is and manage it. 


There’s also cell phone bills, going out, laundry expenses. So many areas to work on. The ones listed are just starting points and even for me it’s a lot of work. What areas do you need to work in? Where are you going to start at first? 


Until Next Time