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Sometimes You have to do a Check-In with yourself to figure out where you are and where you want to be. There is a good set of questions to help you focus in on your next steps. 

The set of questions are as follows:

Who Am I?

What Do I Want?

What Is My Current Situation Like?

What Makes Me Happy?

What Are My Passions?

What Did I Want To Be When I Was A Kid?

What Do I Love To Do Now?

What Are My Strengths?

Now, take a look at your answers and come up with goals for the future.

Where do you want to be 5 years from now? 1 year from now? 6 months from now? A week from today? 

Share your findings!

Who am I: A mother who’s made a lot of mistakes but is striving to be better for her kids. A creator with a non stop passion for video, photography and storytelling. 

What do I want: To live life doing great things without unnecessary stress, to be a role model for my children, create and share empowering and impactful stories and bring more peace into the world we currently live in.

What is my current situation like: Im a good mother and I have a good job thats fun and leads to many new opportunities to grow my face to face network and to grow my skills as a consultant and technologist. I have a website and blog, I have a YouTube channel, I have a large online network and support system.

What makes me happy: The fact that I still have drive and passion for driving a message forward to others, especially after so many hurdles. The way my kids light up when they see their videos and when I am about to create new videos. When the kids want to learn everything possible about using a camera and taking photos. Buying and trying out new gear!

What are my passions:  Photography, Documentaries, Blogging, Technology

What did I want to be as a kid: Oprah, a Poet and a Fashion Designer. 

What do I love to do now: Go to events, work on team projects, help my community. Street Photography, Staged Photography. Shooting Video. Editing Video. Buying domains and mapping them to CMS platforms. Designing new websites and pages. Creating new graphics for websites and social media. 

What are my strengths: Creating quality content. Brainstorming new ideas. Problem solving and strategizing.

In Five Years:

I will be working on GeekMomsCo full-time. Hosting workshops to help others learn tech based skills. I will be producing series for YouTube. I will be Launching sister companies outside of GeekMomsCo. 

In One Year: 

GeekMomsCo will have a full staff. An upgraded website. Will be more family oriented. Providing sustainable income for myself and to pay staff. Hosting workshops offline in different areas. I will be attend more events to spread brand awareness.

In 6 Months:

GeekMomsCo will have clearer branding with one clear message going out to the right audience. Have a solid business plan and will be finding opportunities for funding. Achieving the goals we set for building our audience. 

In a Week:

More scheduled blog posts, clearer vision on content. Studio setup for YouTube. Pushing out content.


When you work on yours what are you thinking about? How are you feeling about your answers? Are certain ones empty or you’re unsure of them? For example, my one week goal may be a stretch for me, and I plan on separating them. See where this exercise takes you. 

Comment Below things that you need to work on in your Life’s Status and where you need to be!


Until Next Time