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Let’s make it easier. 

Because whether we admit it or not, we are exhausted. Even if you’re a stay at home mom, that’s work!!!!!! You’re exhausted!!!!! Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our day to day that we fail to realize that we’re taking on a lot. I literally had this conversation yesterday with Potty Mouth Momster and thought that I can share what’s working for us.

1. Hire a nanny, even if you’re working in the house. 

2. Do everything you can, the night before

3. Create a designated space for you to work in. It may or may not get violated, but maybe if the universe is smiling upon you, the kids will respect that space.

4. Create a schedule or at the least, create a schedule for the morning. For us, everyday at 7:30 am school age kids are up and getting ready for school. Everyday at 8:30 pm kids are taking baths. Every hour doesn’t need to be scheduled to the exact minute but it does help for countdowns and meltdowns. 

5. Do calls in the laundry room. If you’re lucky no one will find you there. 

6. Delegate Task! 

7. Pair up with other moms to take turns watching kids. 

8. Go to a play space or kid friendly co-working space. Some provide passes and discounts. I personally go to Purple Monkey Playroom in Chicago. Couldn’t find a place close to me while I was in Houston. 

9. Let your kids see you work. They are very interested and it may help you see things in a new light. 

10. Breathe and relax. remember to always come back to center when none of the above things work. Everything won’t work all the time, especially for babies. But it’s worth seeing what works for you.