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2016 was jammed packed and full of controlled chaos. But we got ourselves together. A big key was just accepting what’s happening for the day. A schedule may go out of whack but it’s ok because we are laying the foundation.

It was a difficult shift to get form behind the computer but it was MUCH NEEDED to push past our comfort zone. We got the chance to attend hack-a-thons, fundraisers and family outings to learn new skills like . . .*clears throat* . . . photography. 

Leaving Texas was heartbreaking but also needed to happen. We spent a year in Houston, met so many amazing people and spent time in so many amazing places. Houston was home for a long time and now we’re back in Chicago for good. 2017 will bring a TON more traveling for the whole family. There are plans in the works on how to make travel plans with a complete squad, stay tuned for that…lol.

The End of 2016 was very family focus and I couldn’t have end it in a better way!!!! My children create happiness for me. And to share that with the world has it’s challenges but is worth it. They make me who I am as a mother, career woman, entrepreneur and creative. They drive GeekMomsCo forward. 

Thank you for watching all the chaos, especially the back and forth of the direction of where GeekMomsCo is going. Right now, we’re in this perfect space where pieces are connecting and the vision is revealing itself. Just trust in the process. See you in 2017!