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You’ve spent a ton of money and you have now built your official website for your business.

Now What?

Do you wait for the people to land on your site? Paste the URL in your Facebook status? What is your next move?

The ultimate goal no matter how to word it is to get as many people as possible to see your website, see how you can help them, and make is easier for them to buy from you.

So how are you going to do that?

Here are ten ways you can get as many people as possible to see your website:


1. Bring them in with an actual video!



And share that video everywhere

2. Yes post your link on Facebook….especially where you know people are looking for help that you can offer with their services.

3. Start A YouTube Channel: with different series related to your field

4. Share the Inner workings of what you do on Instagram link your bio in your profile to your website

5. Tweet about what you do in your business, what you’re passionate about, highlight others and get engaged in conversations in new communities

6. Launch A Podcast: Share stories, your experiences, tutorials and lessons learned in your segments.

You can also interview others in your industry.

7. Start an Email Marketing Campaign.

  • build a landing page to collect the emails

  • giveaway freebies in exchange for the emails

  • Sell your product in the emails you send out to your list of contacts

8. Highlight and celebrate others


Feature other busineses and entrepreneurs in your blog, videos, facebook lives and more. In return the people you feature on your website will more than likely share your website with their network.

9. Give away something that provides value.

Content is everything, valuable and relatable content is even better. If you have something that can quickly resolve someone’s pain share it!

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10 +. Create Sharable Content

  • Pay for facebook ads

  • Do guest posts linking the blog to your website.

  • Do A Facebook Live Video

  • Host a Webinar

  • Create Flyers

  • Create a portfolio of your work

  • print your website on t-shirts

  • Offer free products

  • Offer free services

  • Do a collaboration project

When the website is “done” you are technically not done. Bring people to your website and most importantly. Get the data. Understand the numbers, tweak your plan and repeat.