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Launching August 1st

The Geek Behind GeekMomsCo, LLC

Ehi Aimiuwu-Jinadu

Ehi Aimiuwu-Jinadu

Founder of GeekMomsCo, LLC, Tech Partner for Manifest Greatness Media LLC and Co-Founder of Creative Women of Color Association

“Everyone can be a techy person with the right tools in place”

Hi, I’m Ehi, I use the pronouns she/her, I am a software consultant, artist, mother of 5 and founder of Geek Moms & Company.  

I have created numreous projects over the years, including artwork for shows, jewelry for retail stores, photography and video for clients, and building websites on CMS platforms for over 8 years. I started from Blogger now Squarespace, Shopify, WordPress and Hosting Services.

I also worked in corporate in the tech industry for over 4 years and counting as a software analyst and consultant for one of the top software consulting companies in the US.

With my tech experiences, I’ve learned a lot about not only about analysis on software, enablement and engagement as a consultant, but also Digital Transformation for the Company as a whole.

With GeekMomsCo, I want to participate in the conversation of diversity in the tech space and create

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